Mapping tools for field work in civil engineering for $15 ?>

Mapping tools for field work in civil engineering for $15


Collect rich points, lines, and polygons, Map Annotation: arrow, text, Geo-tagged photos…

AndMap Views


Field work offline – no internet required, real-time sync capability when the internet available

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Attribute Data Type: Label, Text, Number, Pick list, Signature, Sketch, Barcode, RFId, Formula, Date, Time, TimeStamp




Collection Forms, Layer Configuration, Import Master / Reference data, Export to KMZ, Shapefile…


Data Review Online


What’s exactly this fieldwork?

There are three contexts in which this term is used.

In doing land surveys, the measurement work on land and taking levels with dumpy level/auto level or working with the total station is described as field work.
This work usually involves long tracking in difficult terrain with your team. The job is strenuous and needs lots of tenacity &  patience.

2.Quality control at projects:
In the context of a given construction project, following jobs usually exist:
2.1 Exercising controls for compliance with quality requirements and specifications. The job involves coordination with subcontractors on a one to one basis.
2.2 Auditing for the quality: This involves inspection and testing at the on-site laboratory.
This is a job where the auditor has a limited interaction with the field persons. Auditor team usually reports to the chief executive of the project for obvious reasons.

3.Actual construction supervision:
This involves coordination with nearly every discipline viz procurement, stores, design, planning, accounts, auditors and external consultants, subcontractors and certainly the clients.



Andmap Pro for $15


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