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Control icon by attribute ?>

Control icon by attribute

checked  “change Map Icon by value” create Custom Icon for each value of attribute  Download Collection forms to Mobile Add data / update Attribute        

Pole MEN Required function ?>

Pole MEN Required function

the “pole” and “address” will be selected to run the function Collection form needed: Poles Address MEN required   result: Create new object: MEN Required, object name becomes the selected address

Collect and Process Wetland Delineation Data in the Field ?>

Collect and Process Wetland Delineation Data in the Field

Quick Start to use Andmap Android app in Wetland Determination / Delineation Step 1:  create A project login, in Dashboard, click “add” >> Project   Step 2: Create New Collection Form click “add” >> Form (WETLAND DETERMINATION DATA FORM – US Army Corps of Engineers, contact us to download form from our library) SUMMARY OF FINDINGS HYDROLOGY Wetland Hydrology Indicators Field Observations Describe Recorded Data Remarks VEGETATION – Use scientific names of plants SOIL Profile Description: (Describe to the depth needed to document the…

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