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Customer Drop function – Optus Fieldwork (android) ?>

Customer Drop function – Optus Fieldwork (android)

The pole and address will be selected to run the function, result will be: the Pole data will need to have changes to the Poles data to nominate a value in the ‘No of Power Drops’ attribute The Pole icon will then display this number in the Pole icon The Customer Drops will need a ‘DROP_LENGTH’ value added in its Form Step 1: Select a pole, then “Customer Drops” Step 2: Checked address (sorted by distance from selected pole), then “Save” Final…

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FIELD WALKOUT using mobile device – Android Data Collection ?>

FIELD WALKOUT using mobile device – Android Data Collection

FIELD AUDITING MANUAL Introduction Optus require Lendlease to perform HFC Node audits to their existing RF Network and want to capture the audit data electronically and then importing the results directly into the Optus PNI System (Spatialnet). Purpose The purpose of this document is to outline the required methodology and functionality of capturing the relevant data on the Tablet App (Andmap) used specifically for Optus Field Survey activities. Scope Specifically for HFC Node walkouts for Lendlease in upcoming MEN Remediation…

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Pole MEN Required function ?>

Pole MEN Required function

the “pole” and “address” will be selected to run the function Collection form needed: Poles Address MEN required   result: Create new object: MEN Required, object name becomes the selected address

Sewer Manhole Assessment ?>

Sewer Manhole Assessment

Quick Start to use Andmap Android app in Sewer Manhole Assessment / Inspection – plan, manage and dispatch manhole inspection jobs Eliminate paper/pencil inspections, and manual data entry quickly accessing waste-water system information directly on your smartphone or tablet quickly locate manholes, streamline the field inspection process through intelligent inspection forms and efficient reporting of need repair manholes capture photos to document the manhole condition and capture GPS coordinates when needed synchronize inspections and jobs wirelessly preventing the need to return to…

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