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for $199 – everything you need in your daily field work use Android Device ?>

for $199 – everything you need in your daily field work use Android Device

Everything you need in your daily field work for $199 Unlimited Projects Free hosting for your projects info and data collection forms Field mapping – point, line, polygon auto mode, divide line or polygon, make copy of object, move whole object or individual point, Z-index Custom Data Format customize your attribute data: text, number, signature, picklist, label, calculation, image, timestamp… Map Annotation – Custom Overlay: Text, Arrow, Image annotation / notes on your map, integrate 3rd party annotation tool Dynamic…

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Sewer Manhole Assessment ?>

Sewer Manhole Assessment

Quick Start to use Andmap Android app in Sewer Manhole Assessment / Inspection – plan, manage and dispatch manhole inspection jobs Eliminate paper/pencil inspections, and manual data entry quickly accessing waste-water system information directly on your smartphone or tablet quickly locate manholes, streamline the field inspection process through intelligent inspection forms and efficient reporting of need repair manholes capture photos to document the manhole condition and capture GPS coordinates when needed synchronize inspections and jobs wirelessly preventing the need to return to…

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Custom Label ?>

Custom Label

Attribute in the Form be nominated to have a Label Attribute value for “MEN Bond Attached?” = “Yes”, will show “MEN” as label on the map, (if attribute is “Attached ?”, will show “Attached” as label)  

Pole / Customer Drop function ?>

Pole / Customer Drop function

the pole and address will be selected to run the function ·         the Pole data will need to have changes to the Poles data to nominate a value in the ‘No of Power Drops’ attribute ·         The Pole icon will then display this number in the Pole icon ·         The Customer Drops will need a ‘DROP_LENGTH’ value added in its Form

GPS Receiver for Android Device ?>

GPS Receiver for Android Device

Bluetooth Enabled GPS Receiver: Bad-elf Garmin GLO Dual Electronics Qstarz BT Leica Zeno 20 (15cm accuracy) High Accuracy Trimble

Data Collection Solution for National Park ?>

Data Collection Solution for National Park

ANDMAP is a cloud-based turn-key solution for your National Park Mobile Data Collection, Mapping and Project Management requirements, providing an easy to use and cost efficient GIS data collection solution for National Park field personnel. The ANDMAP solution provides National Park field personnel with an easy to use mobile GIS data collection solution that provides polygon, poly-line and point creation references with supporting geo-tagged digital photos etc., which can easily be used together with existing GIS information systems used in the main…

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Data Collection Solution for Field Crew in Oil & Gas: GHG, SPCC, Pipeline inspection ?>

Data Collection Solution for Field Crew in Oil & Gas: GHG, SPCC, Pipeline inspection

 Hazardous substance releases and oil spills EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program will help us better understand where greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and will improve our ability to make informed policy, business, and regulatory decisions. Inspection: Pipeline Marker, Meter Run, Valve, PL Reading, Blow down, Riser, Separator, Repair Begin Point, Repair End Point, Leak, Road Xing Mkr… Well Inspection