Customer Drop function – Optus Fieldwork (android) ?>

Customer Drop function – Optus Fieldwork (android)

The pole and address will be selected to run the function, result will be:

  • the Pole data will need to have changes to the Poles data to nominate a value in the ‘No of Power Drops’ attribute
  • The Pole icon will then display this number in the Pole icon
  • The Customer Drops will need a ‘DROP_LENGTH’ value added in its Form

Step 1:

Select a pole, then “Customer Drops”

Step 2:

Checked address (sorted by distance from selected pole), then “Save”

Final Result:

1. Update Pole icon

2. Update attribute of ‘No of Power Drops’

3. Create Customer Drop lines, and update Attribute of ‘DROP_LENGTH’

4. Color Coded Customer Drop Lines by Attribute of ‘Status’

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