How to import georeferenced BMP, JPG, or PDF ?>

How to import georeferenced BMP, JPG, or PDF

Software you may need





Mobile Atlas Creator

Create georeferenced image of your map

Maptiler, supports many formats, including TIFF/GeoTIFF, MrSID, ECW, JPEG2000, Erdas HFA, NOAA BSB, and JPEG. Most GIS programs will have the option to export your raster data in at least one of these formats.

2 Created tiled map with Maptiler

Select “Google Maps compatible (Spherical Mercator)”. This is the projection expected by Mobile Atlas Creator. Next you need to select the spatial reference system of your input layer. The output is a set of folders, which contain the map tiles, and a doc.kml file.

3 Convert the tiled map in the required format

One of the folders in the MOBAC program folder is the ‘mapsources’ 
MOBAC looks in this directory for custom map sources. These are simple xml files that define the location of the tiled map, and some other parameters which tell MOBAC how to process the map. The readme file in the MOBAC program folder provides a link to an example sources xml file (which might differ depending on the MOBAC version you are using).
4 Turn on offline maps in Andmap
copy SQLite file to your device, andmapofflinemaps folder
go to setting, select User defined maps
turn on
switch map
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