Load Offline Map ?>

Load Offline Map

1. Connect the tablet via USB to laptop

2. Locate the offline map file (e.g. Abakaliki.sqlitedb) on the laptop

3. On the tablet connected to the computer, browse to ANDMAP “offlinemaps” folder (e.g. ComputerGT-N8000Phoneandmapofflinemaps) 

4. Copy the Abakaliki.sqlitedb file to the offlinemaps folder

5. In ANDMAP tap the menu button in top right corner

6. Navigate to settings

7. In settings open User defined maps

8. The map will appear as disabled on the following screen 

9. Tap on the file name and change the status to enabled on the following screen. Check Add to Maps List. 

10. Tap the back button to return to the map

11. Tap Menu > Switch Map and Abakaliki.sqlitedb should appear in the maps list

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