Mobile Data Collection of GHG emissions using Andmap GHG app & RFID location tags ?>

Mobile Data Collection of GHG emissions using Andmap GHG app & RFID location tags

Scope of Work

  1. Affix RFID tags at highly visible, point specific sample locations. Scan and download RFID unique tag ID into Andmap GHG app.
  2. Locate, identify and scan pre-positioned RFID tags to pull appropriate sampling point record from the GHG app. Select and complete the electronic data form for the location being sampled.
  3. Upload to Andmap server and check email notification (JSON viewer) to view the field data collected for the day’s event for accuracy and completeness for all entries.
  4. Log on to Andmap’s web-based dashboard. Review data entries for accuracy and completeness.


Sources to be tagged

rod packing vents, blow down valves/vents, isolation valves/vents, and tanks

Project Resources

Android tablets, RFID tags, RFID scanner

Reasons to use GHG mobile app

  • Substantially reduce the currently required field time and expense of personnel to accompany GHG Contractors on location during GHG Emissions sampling events while protecting and assuring the integrity and accuracy of the data and to streamline the process of collecting, data transfer and reporting of Greenhouse Gas emission data.
  • RFID tags will be placed on all GHG monitoring locations (Rod Packing Vents, Blowdown Valves/Vents, Isolation Valves/Vents) at the Facilities by GHG personnel prior to the GHG monitoring site visit
  • RFID tags: small, intrinsically safe (passive devices with no power source), can be painted over, inexpensive, come with Extreme Environment Acrylic self-adhesive, or can be affixed with wire (like LDAR tags)
  • Once affixed and assigned to a specific sample location, an RFID scanner will be used by contractors on subsequent visits to the facility to scan the tags and confirm and verify proper location measurement format prior to the collection of emission data, The unique ID number on the RFID tag opens a record for the corresponding sample point and a data entry page for the sample location on the Andmap GHG application on the mobile device thus limiting the chance of incorrect data entry
  • Increased data entry and emissions reporting accuracy
  • Increased contractor independence – GHG personnel will not have to monitor the process as closely
  • More accurate tracking of scheduled/required equipment inspections

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