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Sewer Manhole Assessment ?>

Sewer Manhole Assessment

Quick Start to use Andmap Android app in Sewer Manhole Assessment / Inspection – plan, manage and dispatch manhole inspection jobs Eliminate paper/pencil inspections, and manual data entry quickly accessing waste-water system information directly on your smartphone or tablet quickly locate manholes, streamline the field inspection process through intelligent inspection forms and efficient reporting of need repair manholes capture photos to document the manhole condition and capture GPS coordinates when needed synchronize inspections and jobs wirelessly preventing the need to return to…

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Getting started with Andmap for Android Device ?>

Getting started with Andmap for Android Device

#1 new – create new object #2 select feature type #3 tap on satellite icon to add point, or just tap on where you want in map #4 move point #5 tap save when finished mapping #7 tap calendar icon to enter attribute data  #8 finish each question, then save   #9 edit / delete attribute data