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Integrate with 3rd party image tool ?>

Integrate with 3rd party image tool

  1. create image and send to Andmap 2. Select which object to be related   Select Custom Overlay “Ann1001 -6”     3.  launch Andmap to see the image, also Custom Overlay on top of map

Custom Overlay ?>

Custom Overlay

#1: Create form with shape type: Custom Overlay   #2, in Project Setting, be sure select this for your project   #3: in the App, download forms to your mobile device by “Download Projects Info” #4: add object with 2 points (as 2 corners of rectangle, in order to show in Google Map as Ground Overlay, need bottom/left and Top/Right) #5: for Text Overlay: put Text in “Notes” for Image Overlay: link existing Image to the object   To modify location, color,…

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