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Andmap Updates on 8/5/2015 ?>

Andmap Updates on 8/5/2015

Auto Track – auto tracking running as service Create images for custom overlay when upload as Ground Overlay View custom overlay online Position Averaging Map Annotation – Custom Overlay Make Copy of object Dynamic update Map Icon by attribute Search: place a Project Point on map at an address/location Move point or whole object Divide Polyline / Polygon Grouping forms – share / download forms by group Import KMZ, matching attributes    

What is Andmap View ?>

What is Andmap View

A view is one set of data. User might create a view of only pipelines and / or fittings, or filter by date. When need create a view? save Andmap Data to shapefile, kml, gpx, csv or … download data to mobile device, data in published views can be downloaded to mobile device How to create view? in Data Editor For Shapefile, be sure create View for each feature type. Can’t save to Shapefile when View has multiple feature types.