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Why need create a “View” ?>

Why need create a “View”

“ANDMAP View” is a group of data,   To export (csv, kml, gpx, geojson) To Shapefile (group of data with same collection form (attribute)) Review for project manager, client Download to app (published view will be able to download from mobile device)   How to create “View”, click on [Data Editor]   1) download all data or search by Filter By: 2) check the objects you want to 3) Give title and notes, then click on “Create View” 4) in Dashboard, click to see…

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How to import Shapefile ?>

How to import Shapefile

Convert Shapefile to KML For shapefiles, drag and drop a .zip archive containing the necessary files (.dbf, .sbn, .sbx, .shp, and .shx, etc.).  We support all native projections. Import KML     related links: How to show reference layers in Mobile Device How to save Andmap Data to Esri Shapefile Convert KML to GeoJSON