Water Distribution Network Mapping Manual ?>

Water Distribution Network Mapping Manual

Prepared for the Ebonyi State Water Corporation by the Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) Project Ebonyi Office.



This manual is intended to support the Ebonyi State Water Corporation (EBSWC) water distribution network mapping exercise supported by USAID-funded SUWASA.  The goal of the exercise is to provide EBSWC with an interactive, easily updated mapping toolbox that can be used as a foundation for the corporation’s asset management, maintenance, research, and planning.

The exercise utilizes tablet technologies which reduce paper burden and speed up time between data collection and response.  Over two weeks in November 2013 EBSWC distribution engineers have been trained to map the distribution network using Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 tablets running Android 4.0.  Training has also focused on the use of ANDMAP, a commercial, off-the-shelf software available from the Google Play store that is built specifically for offline tablet mapping.  The software employs internet-based storage and visualization technologies that give users a simple, seamless spatially integrated system to collect, manage and visualize data.  Data can also be exported to other programs such as Excel or a more formal GIS system for analysis.


This manual provides an introduction to mapping best practices and details step-by-step instructions for data collection, management, and visualization using ANDMAP.  This manual assumes that the user is somewhat familiar with tablets and can:

  • Turn the tablet on/off
  • Lock/unlock the tablet
  • Retrieve the S-Pen
  • Turn wi-fi on/off
  • Type, take pictures, etc.

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